Terms and Conditions

Referrals and free initial telephone contact

  • Referrals can be made by parents or schools (with parental consent). During the free initial telephone consultation you can discuss your concerns and if you want to choose my service book appointment.
  • A free of charge pone call to discuss your child's speech and language needs and to provide information about our services
  • We offer a free initial phone consultation

Initial Assessment

  • An initial assessment will involve taking a case history, observing your child in a relaxed atmosphere and carrying out some informal/formal assessments where appropriate. It may be necessary to see your child on further visits to continue assessment, particularly if it is important to see your child in both the home and school setting.
  • The initial assessment we will assess your child’s speech and language skills, and will take a case history to gain background knowledge of your childs development. We will then offer you further advice and if appropriate will recommend a course of therapy. We will also write a short report based on information taken at the assessment.
  • Therapy will begin with an assessment session to identify your child’s communication strengths and difficulties and to decide which therapy approach is most suitable. If therapy is appropriate, we will suggest the most appropriate frequency of visits for your child, but if this does not suit you then please let us know.
  • Following assessment, the results will be discussed with you, and an individually tailored therapy programme will be prepared for your child.
  • A detailed summary report will be provided folowing the assessment period outlining your childs communication strengths and needs as well as presenting you with recommended strategies and approaches.

Post Assessments

  • We would discuss therapy options with you and agree a plan liaising with existing staff and other professionals involved drawing together a holistic therapy plan.
  • Targets will be set for your child at the beginning of therapy in order to monitor their progress. These and the frequency of sessions will be reviewed on a regular basis. If all targets have been achieved then your child may be discharged.

What to expect in from a therapy session

  • Therapy sessions are approximately 45 minutes long and this will usually include 30 minutes of direct therapy with your child (or in some cases with parents), 15 minutes of discussion with parents. The session fee also includes time for the sLT to complete paperwork or make follow up telephone calls. If your child is also seeing an NHS therapist, we liaise with them regularly to ensure joined-up working (when is fee appropriate for this) ?x is included in the price but time spent in addition to this is chargeable at x?
  • Depending on the needs of your child and their availability, therapy may take the form of twice weekly, weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions and will always include carryover work to be completed at home or school between visits. Therapy could also take the form of a home/school programme carried out by the parents or school staff and supervised and updated by the therapist. Sessions will last between 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the concentration levels of your child
  • Therapy may be directly with the child or in some cases may involve working with parents or school staff to achieve the best possible communication environment for the child. Progress will be reviewed and discussed with you at regular intervals.
  • Therapy types: weekly therapy (or more frequent) in a chosen setting; Bi weekly; monthly monitoring to rx and update advice; Supportive therapy through the parents and carers. Informing you of the available resources particularly if you child is entering the statementing process; research or resources related to your childs needs.
  • We are happy to provide group therapy at an educational setting, where a group of parents identify tow or more children with similar therapy needs. The therapist would discuss with you whether the children’s needs match and would be effective to work together.


  • It is important that the therapist can provide effective therapy services to support your child’s development and we will inform you if we feel a level of therapy service would prove ineffective.


  • Our therapists have experience of working with children from the very early stages of communication through to children of secondary school age. We frequently work with children .....

Other Services

  • Free of charge telephone and email advice between appointments (clarify what for) We offer flexible appointments to suit you, including evenings and weekends
  • We give you resources and activities to take home between sessions (to be provided in fees or loaned?)
  • Activities for home practice may be provided and with consent, a report outlining assessment results and recommendations may be sent to relevant others (e.g.. school, GP, local SALT)
  • It is important to note that the ongoing involvement of the parents in supporting and reinforcing the therapy recommended is essential. This helps give the child the daily practice needed for you new skill to become ingrained.
  • Where sessions take place at the clients home/workplace it is helpful, if you can provide a quiet environment, free from distractions (e.g. phone, TV) where possible. Where the therapy involves a young child it is likely that the parent/carer will stay with the child for part/all of the therapy session.
  • I can provide stand alone advice sessions
  • When your child’s communication needs have improved to a level you are satisfied with, we will agree with you to discharge our duty of care to your child. A letter confirming this will be sent to all professionals involved where you have given us consent to do so.

Cancellation of Session

  • If a childs therapy session is scheduled to take place at school, it is your responsibility to inform us directly if your child is not at school on that day.
  • If more than 2 sessions in a row are cancelled or missed, therapy may be put on hold until circumstances permit regular attendance.
  • If your appointment has to be cancelled by us, we will aim to inform you at least 48 hours in advance and will make another appointment to suit you.


  • For self pay clients, all sessions must be paid for in advance or immediately after the therapy session. Payments can be accepted in cash, by cheque made payable to:


  • We work with clients from 9.30 to 6pm Monday to Friday. Sessions can sometimes be arranged outside these times.
  • We have a 24 hour answer phone service, and messages will be responded to as soon as possible during the above hours.
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