Welcome to my blog. Over the coming months I will be writing about the things I am learning as there seems to many new opportunities for learning at the moment.

For example, going on holiday last week I learnt that if you are creative, you really can fit the kitchen sink, range oven, groceries, bedding, clothes etc and mobility walker all in the back of a Ford Fiesta when you go self-catering. Cool isn't it, and talking of cool, yes your right that is a fan tucked away under the pillow just incase it continued to be hot. The observant of you will already of noted that as we went away the weather changed and became much cooler and rainy. Oh well - we could still dream of sunshine and warm breezes after all this is England and it is a good habit to make the best of the weather we have.

I hope you enjoy going on this learning journey with me and that I can write in a way that involves you along the way.



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