Selective Mutism

Selective mutism refers to children or adults that choose only to speak in particular environments. It is usually relating to children, and often they will only speak at home or in a very comfortable environment. Very often these children have difficulty talking outside of that environment, and often have difficulty in the school environment. This can be particularly disruptive to their ability to express themselves in the classroom and so they're not able to take part in discussions, answer questions, fully engage in a range of friendships (although sometimes they will have a particular friend or friends that they are comfortable enough to talk with outside the classroom setting) and the children have difficulty expressing there needs too.

Breaking down the Barriers (Maggie Johnson) is and  effective treatment for children who are elective/selective mute. It starts by meeting child where they are, in a comfortable setting, and moves them towards being able to be comfortable talking in a range of settings to a range of people.