Initial Consultation



This lasts an hour and includes:

  • A detailed case history
  • Discussion about what you want from speech therapy
  • Discussion about the best way to meet your or your child’s needs
  • Preliminary assessment where appropriate

Initial or Review Assessment

£70 per hour


Assessments are chosen and carried out according to the client’s needs. The results are then
analysed and used to inform appropriate therapy choices. A written copy of the assessment
results can be provided in a detailed report (see details below).

Standard Therapy Consultation

£35 per half hour


£70 per hour


A standard therapy consultation includes:

  • Working directly with the client on tasks designed to work on their communication needs
  • Talking with the parent(s)/carer, where appropriate, to discuss progress since previous visits
  • Demonstrating carryover activities as appropriate

Some carryover activities are provided as part of the package of care.


Short report from £30
Detailed report from £50

Telephone Calls

  • There will be no charge for calls under 10 minutes.
  • Calls over 10 minutes will be charged at £70 per hour pro rata.


Nursery/School Visits £70 per hour plus travel
Programmes for School/Nursery/Home from £50 per hour
Attendance at additional meetings from £70 per hour
Travel 50p per mile
Training please ask for details

A discount of 10% for 6 therapy sessions paid in advance is available.