Early language skills cover a large range of language. For example this overlaps with sections on social skills speech difficulties concepts and many other areas. However in this section we look at the beginning's and where there is no overlap to another section advice this will be highlighted.

Children learn language at different rates but as time child is to a normally have a range of single words at least that they can use to get their message across. This might be using language to tell you something, draw your attention to something  (pointing to a car passing and saying car), requesting or asking for something (biscuit), getting someone's attention (calling someone by name, or saying a word that will get the attention i.e.  "up" to be lifted up).

Some children have difficulty with some of the areas of early language. Some may have difficulty with concepts such as big and small, stop and go, now and later. Some will have difficulty with moving from using one word to putting two or more words together. Yet others will have difficulty using verbs which are central to any phrase or sentence, so without them talking at sentence level or giving a description and telling stories is not possible.

In order to enhance early language skills it is important to assess the strengths and needs the child already has. Then there are many ways that the strengths can be used to help develop language and the needs can be addressed.